The easiest and most efficient way to scale your compute is a serverless computing platform that enables easy parallelization of heavy-compute jobs. Jobs are distributed to any connected CPU/GPU on cloud.

Main Benefits


Get results faster by parallelizing large-compute jobs. How fast? Customers get results 4-160x faster, depending on their use case.


Increase compute scale on-demand across existing resources with 1 line of code and zero infrastructure maintenance.


Save up to 33% in compute costs by maximizing utilization of existing idle compute resources. This brings your total compute time down.

How It Works

Agents Agents are installed on public clouds like AWS, GCP, Azure, and Packet.

Smart Scheduler

Smart Scheduler is used to route jobs to a compute nodes. Parallelized Computing made easy!

Deployment Options Cloud

No cloud, no problem! Run on Cloud - a fully-managed, turnkey batch-computing-as-a-service.

Your Cloud

Connect multiple clouds like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Packet. Avoid vendor lock-in among clouds.

Any cloud. Any environment.
Your first 500 hours of compute time are free.