Unleash the power of infinite compute

By harnessing the untapped power of devices all around us, Dis.co delivers infinite power to tackle the most demanding computing workloads.

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The next generation of computing, today

Dis.co is a simple, secure serverless computing solution.


Connect any platform

Eliminate vendor-lock with a platform agnostic service that allows you to connect resources across cloud providers and on-prem.




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Utilize idle compute

Leverage the power sitting idle in devices such as laptops, tablets and phones to discover lower latency, easy to scale compute.


Automate resource allocation

Experience hassle-free provisioning and intelligent job routing that picks and prepares the best resources for your job, so you don’t have to.


One Product – Multiple Executions

Dis.co connects to and works across multiple computing resources.

your cloud

Have instances on AWS and Google Cloud? Not a problem. Dis.co runs on and connects multiple cloud providers so you maximize the use of all your cloud resources.

on prem

Cloud may be king, but physical servers are still a large part of compute. Dis.co runs across dedicated on-prem servers as well as idle devices such as laptops, tablets and phones to create a highly scalable compute environment.

fully managed

Whether you want to extend your cloud or you have no cloud solution at all, Dis.co provides a fully-managed, secure, pay-as-you-go cloud environment capable of processing the most demanding jobs.

Discover what Dis.co can do for you

Simple, high-performance compute that delivers more value.

Whether your jobs are periodic or ongoing, you need responsive compute capable of handling your most demanding workloads. Dis.co scales on-demand to expedite results and reduce the costs related to compute-intensive tasks such as Natural Language Processing, ETL, Image and Video Processing, Gene Sequencing, and more.

“Working with Dis.co has completely revolutionized the way we develop our algorithms, our productivity increased by more than 3x which directly contributed to a significant increase in our algorithms results and ability to get to market sooner.”

Ron Weiner