We knew there was something more to the cloud, so we went and built it

Dis.co makes computing simpler, faster, and more cost-effective by leveraging the expansive yet underutilized power of the resources and devices that are already around us.

Our mission

Disco is the next generation of serverless computing. Our mission is to create a simple, secure, scalable computing service based on the following three principles

Optimize use of existing resources

why build more data centers and use more energy when we can save Earth’s resources by tapping into the surplus of today’s existing technology?

Remove complexity

Why complicate data processing when we can provide a simple, intuitive service to expedite the processes you want to execute?

Grow serverless computing

why worry about managing servers and capacity when we can manage everything for you and provide faster results?

Executive Bios

Dr. Avi Barliya

Dr. Avi Barliya

Head of Dis.co
Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Avi has a background in computer science and mathematics where he focused on compute intensive algorithms. From this work, he realized there was an abundance of underutilized compute resources in the world. From this, Disco was born. He strives to build more accessible, efficient computing that will help to spawn the growth of new technologies and industries.

In addition to founding Disco, Avi has led the design and implementation of the control, navigation and guidance systems of the first Israeli spacecraft to land on the Moon. Additionally, he was a co-founder of an autonomous driving startup. In his spare time, Avi’s passions include water skiing and playing the piano.

Gal Shenhav

Gal Shenhav

Head of R&D
B.A. in The Interdisciplinary Department of Social Sciences

Gal brings more than 25 years of experience in building and software and managing engineering teams.

Before joining Dis.co, Gal led teams in several startups including Yallo and eXelate (acquired by Nielsen). He is passionate about using technology to bring value to customers. He also enjoys the fast pace and innovation of startup culture.

Zohar Sacks

Zohar Sacks

Head of Technology
B.Sc in Computer Science and Mathematics, M.A. in History and Philosophy

Zohar has 20+ years of expertise and experience in virtualization and distributed systems. He was previously a system architect at Amdocs for the Linux foundation’s ONAP project, as well as CPO for Activepath (acquired by Broadridge). He is passionate about technology with accomplishments span across a breadth of industries.

Zohar’s passions outside of building products includes podcasting and performing improv.